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Contém referências bibliográficas
Contém referências bibliográficas
Contém referências bibliográficas
Contém referências bibliográficas
Contém referências bibliográficas
Perturbações mentais
Hemoglobinúria paroxística nocturna
Cultura saúde
Defeito cardíaco congénito
Nefrologia pediátrica
Gestão dos riscos profissionais
Cancro oral
Gangrena de Fournier
Cancro da mama
Diabetes mellitus
Hepatite B
doença de McArdle
Cancro da mama
Cancro da mama
Carcinoma pulmonar
Histiocitose de células de Langherans
Hiperplasia congénita da suprarrenal
Treino desportivo
Educaçäo especial
Planeamento do desporto
Equipamento médico
Abstract: Nowadays is essential to have a sustainable attitude and the construction sector plays a central role in its objective, due to its scale, as well as the variety of materials and large generated waste. The Sustainable Development characterizes itself as being a capable development mode to replay to the present needs without compromising the future generation with a view to improve living conditions of the individual, while preserving the surroundings in short, medium and long term. This development strategy has the purpose of a development economically effective, socially equitable and ecologically sustainable Sustainable development is characterized as a mode of development capable of responding to the needs of the present without compromising future generations, with a view to improving the individual’s living conditions while preserving the environment in the short, medium and long term. This development strategy aims at an economically efficient, socially equitable and ecologically sustainable development. As part of the application of the knowledge acquired in the frequency on the Masters in Sustainable Construction, the internship took place in the Castelo Branco Municipal Council, with integration in the Heritage Management Division and municipal facilities. Throughout the internship, the student had the opportunity to contact the administrative procedure to which a public institution is subject, as well as integration in work environment, collaboration in hydraulic infrastructures projects, intervention in the building, realization of visual inspections and implementation of methodologies. This report refers to the theoretical basis of the projects developed and their application in the real environment, as well as monitoring of work, specific reports, information gathering and opening of tender procedures.